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The Science of Alkaline Ionized Water - Electrolysis

ionized water molecule

Drinking ionized alkaline water has numerous benefits to your health. Water is produced through the electrolysis process by breaking the weak hydrogen bonds which exist between water molecules due to the dipole (slightly positive side and slightly negative side) nature of the water molecule. This slightly positive and slightly negative polarity of the water molecule is the reason why still water exhibits surface tension.

Surface tension is the reason why water will form into droplets as with rain, morning dew, or water beads on your vehicle.

Surface tension is macroscopic effect of the weak hydrogen bonds which form between water molecules. Evident in the frailness of bubbles, it is the force which allows a penny to float on the surface of still water.

What Does a Bawell Ionizer Do?

Your Bawell water ionizer takes advantage of this weak surface tension and breaks these bonds, just as in the breaking of a water bubble except that the process of water electrolysis is much more efficient. Breaking the weak hydrogen bonds which hold water together in large water clusters of 12 - 100 water molecules and reforming them into tiny new water clusters of only 4 to 6 molecules per cluster.

tap water cluster alkaline water cluster ionization of water ionized water micro clustering

This new water with its water clusters reformed into clusters of only 4 to 6 molecules per cluster is known as restructured water.  Since the water clusters are now much smaller than ordinary filtered water or water that comes from a reverse osmosis faucet, they can be absorbed by your body's cells through the cell wall more quickly and easily due to their smaller molecular size. This results in faster re-hydration of your body and allows important organic liquid vitamins and minerals to be absorbed two to three times more efficiently than those obtained by drinking ordinary bottled water, tap water, or even distilled water. Another health improving quality of the electrolysis process occurring in water ionizers is the ORP or (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water. By breaking the hydrogen bonds the water ionizer creates a negatively charged ORP in the alkaline electrolyzed water causing these negatively charged hydroxyl ions to bond with positively charged free radicals found inside your body.

The removal of harmful free radicals from your body is an antioxidant detox effect of drinking ionized water that cannot be replicated by a water distiller and has been proven to help prevent and even cure many common diseases. Learn more about the many health benefits of alkaline ionized water such as its ability to help with a total body detox or diet cleanse by visiting our alkaline water benefits page.

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