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Frequently Asked Questions on Alkaline Water Ionizers and the Health Benefits of Ionized Water

Many people have heard about alkaline ionized water but are confused about its potential benefits. They might think that they are already getting the healthiest water possible because they have a water filter on the sink which acts as a purifying system or because they purchase bottled water with "additional" minerals. Because of this confusion, they might not understand the tremendous difference between alkaline water and other forms of water and how they could benefit from making the switch to ionized water.

The information on alkaline water is clear: there are tremendous health benefits of drinking alkaline water that has the correct ph and ORP levels. Even the types of electrolyte water that are bottled and sold for a premium at the grocery store do not have the same health benefits as alkaline water. The process of ionizing this water has made it more effective to rehydrate the body along with providing valuable ionized organic liquid vitamins and minerals that retard the process of aging, helping with many common medical problems and even aiding in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

If you have a standard countertop water filter, you need to consider making the switch to alkaline ionized water with health beneficial PH and ORP properties. We've collected information from many different sources to show you the health benefits you will experience by purchasing a Bawell water ionizer. Before you leave this page we hope you will review the health benefits of water ionizers. With a lifetime warranty and a 60-day free trial, we're confident that you will notice and cherish alkaline waters taste as well as the increased energy and vitality from its health benefits you feel. Don't confuse alkaline water with fads such as liquid diets -- ionized water is scientifically proven to have tremendous health benefits.

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