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Frequently Asked Questions on Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines and the Health Benefits of Ionized Water

Many people have heard about alkaline ionized water but are confused about its potential benefits. They might think that they are already getting the healthiest water possible because they have a water filter on the sink which acts as a purifying system or because they purchase bottled water with "additional" minerals. Because of this confusion, they might not understand the tremendous difference between ionized water and other forms of drinking water and how they could benefit from making the switch.

The information on electrolyzed water is clear: there are tremendous health benefits of drinking alkaline water that has the correct ph and ORP levels. Even the types of electrolyte water that are bottled and sold for a premium at the grocery store do not have the same health benefits as ionized water. The process of electrolysis has made alkaline ionized water more effective to rehydrate the body along with providing valuable ionized vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. The abundance of oxygen and antioxidants present in ionized alkaline water helps retard the process of aging, helps the body fight many common medical problems and even aids the body in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

If you have a standard countertop water filter you need to consider making the switch to electrolyzed water with health beneficial PH and ORP properties. We've collected information from many different sources to show you the benefits you will experience by purchasing a Bawell alkalized water system. Before you leave this page we hope you will review the health benefits of alkaline water ionizers. With a lifetime warranty and a 60-day free trial, we're confident that you will notice and cherish the improved taste as well as the increased energy and vitality from its health benefits of drinking this water.

Bawell ionized alkaline antioxidant water producing machines have been in the US market for over a decade. Many of our former customers have left testimonials on our website as well as on our Facbook page and our Amazon product listing pages. Since we offer free replacement filters for customer reviews, if you own a Bawell system you can call us or send us an email for information on how to get a free replacement filter in exchange for a review or testimonial. Owners of the Bawell Fountain & Platinum models can even get a free set of replacement filters by creating an in home video testimonial of themselves using their machine. Their are two filters in the set, the total value of these two filters is $139.90. Owners of the Premier or Electrolyte water alkalizer systems can receive a free standard filter or a free tourmaline bio-stone filter in exchange for a video review. Internal replacement filters will last about 1 years time depending on the water quality where you live. In general if you life in a big city the filter will last less time than if you live in a smaller town with cleaner tap water. Filter life does vary from location to location since the water quality is not uniform. For customers with dirty and polluted tap water we recommend a pre-filtration system to extend the life of the filters in their ionizer. If you would like to take advantage of our free set of replacement filters promotion for the Bawell Platinum or Fountain model, you will need to create a video and upload it to youtube and/or email us the file. Check out this customers review on the Bawell Fountain water ionizer. The review is fairly long, over 5 minutes, we require the review to be at least 90 seconds in total length. Some of the other requirements are that you show the machine in the video next to your sink. We would like you to show the unit connected to your kitchen faucet or you can just show how it sits next to your sink if you have it connected below the counter. You will also need to run the machine and turn it on and produce ionized alkaline water. The video needs to be at least 1080p Full HD in quality. There is no need to show your face in the video but we would like you to narrate the video and talk about the Bawell Fountain or Platinum water ionization system as best you can. You can talk about any health benefits you noticed, what you like about the machine, how you compare use to the competition, or your experience with our company etc. If you speak a second language like Spanish or French you can even make a Spanish Review on the Bawell Fountain or Platinum alkaline water machine. Depending on the length, enthusiasm, and quality of your video review, we may even give you additional free filters for additional reviews. The free filters have no monetary value and cannot be used towards the purchase of additional items. We created this program only because we would like to help spread the word on the amazing health benefits of water electrolysis machines and our customers are the best people we know to assist us with this monumental task. If you have friends that are multilingual you can create additional reviews in other languages to earn additional free filters. Customers have had their friends leave reviews on the Bawell Platinum & Fountain water ionizers in Spanish and several other languages. If you would like to create us a video review or a series of video reviews in exchange for free replacement filters contact us by email for phone for the specific details.

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