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Scientific Research on Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

To understand how ionized alkaline ph water benefits your body one needs to read the research done by scientist on the water. Many scientific studies have been conducted to investigate just how drinking ionized water can give one beneficial effects every day. Since any water with a PH value greater than 7.0 can be called alkaline water, there is a huge misconception by the public on this water, and one which is used vehemently to exploit them. Companies take advantage of this misconception and sell products like higher ph alkaline bottled water or even mineral adding filters or baking soda additives for people to put into their drinking water to raise it's ph and make it alkaline. This does not deliver any health benefits and can even give you health problems like kidney stones or other diseases. Before you can understand what health benefits drinking this water may give you, you should first learn about the different ways people can make alkaline water & alkaline ionized water, which one is beneficial and which one is not. To be clear alkaline ionized water is produced through the water electrolysis process that creates "reduced water" with a higher PH value (note that anything greater than 7.0 can be considered alkaline water).

The term Reduced Water is used because once it goes through the Electrolysis Chamber it comes out with restructured molecules. This creates an abundance of active hydrogen molecules (negatively charged) that will seek out, bond with, and neutralize harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) molecules (positively charged) more commonly known as free radicals. ROS molecules can result from simple metabolism or from other sources, like Oxidative Stress, and they can cause significant damage to our bodies, even "damaging DNA, RNA, proteins, and contributing to the physiology of aging." (Reactive Oxygen Species, Lee MY).  This is why "drinking ionized water has demonstrated anti-aging effects as well as prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, ulcers, arteriosclerosis, atopic diseases, Parkinson's disease and even pigmentary degeneration of retina."  (Shirahata, Animal Cell Technology: Basic And Applied Aspects , Ohmori K , Vorobjeva NV.- Ionized water benefits microflora in the intestinal track , Koufman JA, Johnston N- Benefits of PH 8.8 Water for the treatment of Acid Reflux Disease ). 

Many Diseases Such As Obesity & Inflammatory Bowel Disease Could Be Caused By An Imbalance In The Human Microbiome

Did you know that in a healthy adult human body there are 10 times more bacterial cells than there are human cells which make up the organs and tissues in the body! We owe our lives and health to these bacteria which live within us. Up until recently, technology was too primitive to analyze and categorize these organisms. Now scientist are beginning the arduous process of discovering what these bacteria do and the interactions they have within our body. Researcher "Daniel Frank from the University of Colorado, Boulder is part of a team investigating the bacteria in the human digestive tract and the role they play in inflammatory bowel disease. His team has found significant shifts in the microbial populations in the gut of people suffering from the disease compared to those of healthy subjects, including the loss of protective bacterial populations in those people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease"(ScienceDaily).

Researcher "Ruth Ley from the Washington University in St. Louis has discovered that obesity was associated with changes in the abundance of certain types of bacteria which live in the human digestive tract. Due to such large numbers of different species of bacteria living within the human body, and the fact that their byproducts are found in most human bodily fluids, and the evidence for their role in health it is possible that understanding and mapping the human microbiome will prove to be more important to understanding human health than mapping the human genome, and it will be quite more complex and difficult due to the countless roles they may play"(ScienceDaily).

Many consumers of alkalized ionized water report beneficial effects for their Gastrointestinal disorders with nearly all overweight and obese people reporting that they have lost fat weight within the first month of drinking at least 8 glasses of antioxidant rich ionized water daily. In previous medical research, scientist attributed similar potential beneficial effects to alkaline ionized water made by water electrolysis. In the medical research study "On the Stimulation of growth of Anaerobic Microflora in the intestinal tract of humans by electrolyzed reduced water it was found that friendly gut bacteria grew when exposed to electrolyzed reduced water produced in electrolysis devices with -ORP values between 0 and -300mV. Drinking alkaline ionized water favors the growth of friendly residential microflora in the gut"(Electrolyzed Water Benefits Gut Bacteria).

While it is clear that the bacteria within the human body play vital roles in maintaining human health. The fact that electrolyzed reduced water benefits these bacteria provides evidence of one of the many health improving benefits you can gain by drinking electrolyzed reduced water from a Bawell alkaline water system electrolysis machine.

Scientific & Medical Research Studies on The potential Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

Many medical studies have discovered alkaline ionized drinking waters potential anti cancer benefits as scientist discovered "electrolyzed reduced waters ability to act as an antioxidant protecting against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein"(Lee MY, Kim YK, Ryoo KK, Lee YB, Park EJ). Scientist also discovered that ionized drinking water may be able to slow the growth of tumor cells by interrupting the growth of blood cells within the tumors. This discovery was published in an article titled "Inhibitory effect of electrolyzed reduced water on tumor angiogenesis"(Ye J, Li Y, Hamasaki T, Nakamichi N, Komatsu T, Kashiwagi T, Teruya K, Nishikawa R, Kawahara T, Osada K, Toh K, Abe M, Tian H, Kabayama S, Otsubo K, Morisawa S, Katakura Y, Shirahata S).

Seeing the Benefits

In addition to the above research studies the water clusters produced inside the electrolysis chamber in your alkalized water ionizer system benefits machine are micro-clustered. Meaning they possess 4 to 6 H2O molecules per cluster compared to the normal 12 to 24 molecules per cluster in tap, bottled, and distilled water. These reduced size water clusters are easier for your bodies cells to absorb through their cell walls and allow for faster re-hydration over other drinking water sources. The smaller sized water clusters also help to detoxify and cleanse your body. In fact when you drink alkaline ionized water you will notice its light smooth texture which allows it to go down faster and easier than ordinary water which has a solid flat texture. Drinking ionized water is the perfect complement to any alkaline diet especially those based on balancing the alkaline balance in the body.

With all these advantages over an ordinary drinking water filter system, having an alkalin ph water system in your kitchen is a great idea and one you can try with your 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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