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About Us: Healthy Alkaline Water Machines For The Home

Bawell designs alkaline water ionizers with one thing in mind -- your health. Ionized water is healthy water that provides incredible short-term and long-term health benefits along with great taste. Water that has the correct levels of levels of ph and orp is ideal for drinking and acts as a powerful antioxidant removing waste stored in your body as it detoxifies cells. In fact weight loss of fat is noticed by almost all users after only two to four weeks of first starting to drink our water. In addition to its strong antioxidant detoxification activity its water clusters are micro-clustered, allowing you to drink less water while rehydrating faster than any other water source. The smaller molecular size and negative orp value provides improved nutrient uptake of essential vitamins and minerals allowing the body to better counter-act the processes of aging. People who drink this water daily protect their bodies against simple health problems such as aches and pains or even ones as serious as cancer. The World Health Organization recommends drinking this water for its many health improving qualities citing water as the most important nutrient in the body, with the human body consisting of 70% water by weight.

No other type of water is as good for you as alkaline water, and its health benefits should be affordable and available to everyone. Scientific tests have proven its effectiveness in delivering the critical nutrients your body needs most. In addition, drinking water at the right ph and orp levels allow you to have the most powerful water possible for cleansing your body, whether it's drinking water for a body detox or for use as a daily facial wash. Water from standard kitchen water filters only provides you with limited filtering benefits -- while a Bawell water filter system goes beyond simple water filtration to incorporate health benefits not found in any other drinking water source.

We provide water ionizer machines for the home that are not only good for your body but good for your wallet and the environment. Bottled alkaline water is harmful to the Earth because of the amount of waste that is created by plastic bottles. In addition, these bottles can carry harmful chemicals into your system. Installing an alkaline ionizing water filtration system from Bawell into your home eliminates these issues and saves you money versus paying for bottled water in the long run.

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