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Discover the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water from Bawell water ionizers.

The Bawell brand alkaline water ionizers were designed to incorporate cutting-edge technology to help you take advantage of all the healthy benefits of ionized water at home. Our machines are simple to install and will provide reliable performance for many years to come so your family can enjoy an endless stream of health benefits from your very own faucet tap.

Now you can experience for yourself the benefits associated with drinking ionized water, which include everything from weight loss and body detoxification to relief from joint pain and faster rehydration. There are a whole range of possible benefits once you've installed an alkaline water ionizer in your own kitchen, and you can start improving your health right now!

Experience the health benefits for yourself while enjoying our Forever Lifetime Warranty and 60 Day 100% Money Back Return Policy:

Platinum Model 2195

Fountain Model 1775

Premier Model 1195

Electrolyte Model 799

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Why switch to alkaline ionized drinking water?

Bawell water ionizers work by using an electrolysis process which gives the water three distinct properties that are not found in tap or bottled water.

First, a higher PH is incorporated into this water which helps the body neutralize acidic waste which we are constantly absorbing. This acidity is the result of simple metabolism or gained from other sources, like the food we eat and even toxins in the air we breathe. The more we consume highly acidic things, the harder we and our bodies need to work to maintain a balance, which means switching to a diet high in fruits, vegetables, certain types of fish, and drinking plenty of alkaline water.

Second, ionized water has an abundance of negatively charged hydroxyl ions called ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which actively seek out an neutralize cancer causing positively charged free radicals. Free radicals are a by product of metabolism which means they are constantly being produced inside your body. Free radicals are also obtained from your environment. By consuming millions of these negatively charged hydroxyl ions in every glass of alkaline water you drink, you can provide your body with a fresh source of antioxidants in every glass to neutralize harmful free radicals. These hydroxyl ions are potent antioxidants which detoxify your body naturally and are the reason why natural weight loss of fat occurs when you consume this water on a daily basis, you will even start to notice the changes in less than a few weeks!

Third, water that is put through this process is micro-clustered into groups of 4 to 6 H2O molecules per cluster instead of the 12 to 16 molecules per cluster that you would normally find in ordinary water. These smaller clusters lead to faster rehydration because the bodies cells find it easier to absorb and make use of these smaller sized water clusters through their cellular walls. Additionally minerals in the water also become ionized making them easier for your body to absorb.

Scientific research has shown alkaline water benefits to be associated with anti-oxidant properties that provide cancer-fighting protection against oxidative damage to the body. Other studies have suggested that these anti-oxidants can also improve the effects of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, which can result in improvements to the immune system along with many other health improving benefits related to a myriad of health disorders.

Take a good look through the information presented on the many pages of our website and especially on our health benefits page to discover for yourself how a Bawell water ionizer can provide health improvement for you and your whole family!

Start Drinking Alkaline Water Benefits Now:

Your health and well being is directly tied to the quality of water you place in your body every day. The human body is, after all, around 70% water. From the immune system to the shine of your hair, it all depends on the kind of water you put into your body. You can improve the quality of the water with an alkaline water machine and start improving your overall health, too.

Don't wait to get started. A simple water ionizer in the home, instead of relying strictly on alkaline bottled water, is a convenient option and means you will have access to a constant stream of fresh alkaline water before it can lose its ORP or other beneficial properties. Start improving the quality of your drinking water with a Bawell water ionizer today.


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